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IOOB 2014 is pleased to announce our keynote speaker: Jay Finkelman, Ph.D. Dr. Finkelman's presentation, "The Psychologist Manager: Success Models for Psychologists in Executive Positions," will address the challenges and opportunities for psychologists entering leadership and management roles, whether in NGOs, commercial, health, or other organizations. Topics will include the motivations and advantages of psychologists in management, their potential limitations and ways to overcome them, and practical career advice. 


Jay Finkelman, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Industrial-Organizational, Business Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Finkelman holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University and an M.B.A. in Industrial Psychology from the Bernard M. Baruch School of Business of The City College of The City University of New York (CUNY). He was a tenured full professor of Industrial Psychology at The City University as well as Dean of Students at Baruch College. He also served on the Doctoral Faculty in Business, specializing in Organizational Behavior, at the Graduate Center of CUNY.

Dr. Finkelman is Board Certified and holds a Diplomat from the American Board of Professional Psychology and from the American Board of Forensic Psychology. He is a licensed psychologist in the State of California and in the State of New York, and is a member of the Industrial Psychology, Consulting Psychology, the Engineering Psychology Divisions of the American Psychological Association, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and the American Academy of Forensic Psychology, where he is also a fellow. A highly respected expert in his field, Dr. Finkelman has given numerous presentations, and has authored more than 100 publications, including several books. He most recently co-authored “The Psychologist Manager: Success Models for Psychologists in Executive Positions.”

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Student Paper Presentations

  • Ryan Au-Yeung & Dr. Altovise Rogers, San Jose State University, "Designing Effective Corporate Recruiting Websites: Exploring Relationships Between Website Personality, Person-Job Fit, and Organizational Attractiveness"
    • keywords: websites, recruiting, person-job fit, personality
    • additional study authors: Ashley Shorte, Larissa Shipman, Kyle Tsai, Fatima Tabussam, Petr Sevick, San Jose State University
  • Sarah M. Carlton & Sophie Jané, California State University, Long Beach, "Online Observations: Investigating Industry-Specific Differences in Self-Reports of Stress, Mood and CWBs"
    • keywords: exploratory study, social networking, counter productive work behaviors, organizational behavior, job stressors
    • additional study authors: Christopher Warren, PhD, California State University, Long Beach
  • L'Orangerie A. Crawford, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, "Integrating Project Management Tools into Your Change Initiative"
    • keywords: project management, change initiative, project tools, quality and risk management
  • Eva Marie Gacasan, Macquarie University, "The Shift Towards Projectification and the Importance of Situation Assessment"
    • keywords: projectification, situation assessment, project assessment
    • additional study authors: Mark Wiggins, Macquarie University
  • Casey C. Onder, Colorado State University, "The Role of Mindfulness in Reactions and Performance Subsequent to Negative Performance Feedback"
    • keywords: mindfulness, meditation, feedback (psychology), performance management, organizational behavior
    • additional study authors: Alyssa M. Gibbons, PhDColorado State University
  • Joseph M. Wohkittel, University of Minnesota, Masakatsu Ono, Claremont Graduate University, & Craig A. Talmage, Arizona State University, "A Mindfulness Model for Organizations: Moving Beyond Mysticism"
    • keywords: mindfulness, process model, theory building
    • additional study authors: Masakatsu OnoClaremont Graduate University 


Student Poster Presentations

  • Jay Burke, MS & Lauren Bennett, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Alliant International University, "Impacts of Occupational Sitting on Overall Mental Health and Suggestions for Workplace Improvement"
    • keywords: sedentary behavior, mental health, total worker health, psychological distress, workplace
  • Colette Byers, The George Washington University, "Increasing Employee Engagement: Leaders Must Build Trust with Followers"
    • keywords: authentic leadership, transformational leadership, trust, employee engagement, leadership
  • James L. Cox, University of Missouri - St. Louis, "Unearthing the Competition: A Social Networking Analysis Approach"
    • keywords: social networking analysis, organizational competition, applicant pool
  • Danielle Douglas, Towson University, "The Relationship Among Employee Grit, Self-Deception, Performance"
    • keywords: grit, self-deception, performance 
  • Yi Fan, University of Georgia, "Does Goal Orientation Mitigate the Negative Effects of Work Stress?"
    • keywords: goal orientation, work stress, job satisfaction, job demands-resources model
    • additional study authors: Li Guan, Allison Siminovsky, Sheena Hinds, Benjamin S. Listyg, Nathan T. Carter, Malissa A. Clark
  • Casey C. Onder, Colorado State University, "Clear Purpose and Clear Support: A Favorable Context for the Pursuit of Developmental Activity Following a Developmental Assessment Center"
    • keywords: assessment centers, career development, personnel management, leadership, performance standards
    • additional study authors: Martin Lanik, PhD, Global Assessor Pool; Alyssa M. Gibbons, PhD, Colorado State University
  • Salena Soria, California State University, San Bernardino, "The Impact of Work Characteristics on Family Rituals and Health Habits in the Low-Income Population"
    • keywords: low-income, job control, hour flexibility, health habits, family meals
  • Sara Wainer, The George Washington University, "The Impact of Alternative Work Arrangements on Today's Organizations"
    • keywords: office personalization, alternative work arrangements, satisfaction, turnover



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